Friday, November 10, 2017

November LiveWiRED Update

In the months of July and August, 48 LiveWiRED calves were born. 27 heifers and 21 bulls out of seven different sires reside in Lathrop, Missouri. Tissue sampling will take place the 25th of November and the collection of other data is already underway. Birth weights ranged from 50 to 85 lbs. 26 of the calves are out of high end bell curve bulls and 22 of them are out of low end bell curve bulls. More information and data will be available in the coming weeks.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

LiveWiRED Calves Entering Third Trimester

The LiveWiRED embryo calves are growing like weeds! These calves have been implanted for 6 months and are just about to enter the third trimester of pregnancy. To put their size in perspective, they are approximately the size of a beagle dog according to University of Florida research.  While the first and second trimesters are very important for development, the third trimester is where the calf grows in size the most. Check out this short article by SDSU Extension on Fetal Development! What's Going on in There? : Fetal Development of Beef Cattle

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Data is in! Dam and Sire DNA and EPD Overview

The results are in! As we kick off the Live | WiRED project, take some time to review the EPDs and DNA of the Dam and Sires involved in the project.

Live WiRED Project
Dam  Sire H1  Sire H2 Sire H3 Expected Progeny Average Progeny Genomic Progress*
Top Dollar Angus Qualified** No Yes Yes Yes No
Igenity ADG Score (1-10) 4 8 7 9 6.0 2.0   Notable improvement
Igenity Marbling Score (1-10) 3 7 6 7 4.8 1.8   Notable improvement
Zoetis Marbling Score (0-100) 57 87 73 69 66.7 9.7   Improvement
Zoetis Yield Grade Score (0-100) 47 27 16 35 36.5 -10.5   Modest Drop
GridMaster Index 53 52 53
Marb EPD 0.78 0.84 0.71
YG EPD 0.04 0.24 -0.22
Dam Sire L1 Sire L2 Expected Progeny Average Progeny Genomic Progress*
Top Dollar Angus Qualified** No No No No
Igenity ADG Score (1-10) 4 6 4 4.5 0.5   Minimal improvement
Igenity Marbling Score (1-10) 3 3 3 3.0 0.0   No improvement
Zoetis Marbling Score (0-100) 57 54 54 55.5 -1.5   Slight Drop
Zoetis Yield Grade Score (0-100) 47 29 33 41.7 -5.3   Modest Drop
GridMaster Index 46 48
Marb EPD 0.21 -0.10
YG EPD -0.10 -0.01
*Progeny compared to dam.
**Igenity ADG and Marbling scores must average 6.25 or higher to qualify.
  Igenity DNA Summary:
  Penny scores a 4 in ADG, which is slightly below average.
  Her marbling score of 3 is quite low, but not unusual for the Gelbvieh breed.
  Our high-end bulls are strong in ADG, scoring from 7 to 9.
  They are also above average for marbling, with scores of 6 and 7.
  Our two low-end sires average in the middle for ADG (scores of 6 and 4).
  These two sires are quite weak in Mabling for the Red Angus breed (both scoring only 3/10).
  Zoetis DNA Summary:
  Penny scores a 57 in mabling, which is slightly above the test population midpoint. She is not expected to be very high, being a purebred Gelbvieh.
  Penny scores a 47 in yield grade, which is highest of the group. This is expected because she is a Gelbvieh female.
  Our high-end bulls are stronger in marbling, ranging from 69 to 87.
  Our high-end bulls are range from 16 to 35 for yield grade.
  Our two low-end sires score slightly below Penny for marbling (both at 54). These are quite low in Marbling for being Red Angus sires.
  Our two low-end Red Angus sires also score pretty low for yield grade (well below average).

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Announcing Live | WiRED…Tracking Red Angus EPDs in Action

The Junior Red Angus
Meet "Penny" the Donor
board is excited about a unique opportunity to explore EPDs over the next three years in a project featuring the progeny of Penny, a Gelbvieh Cow flushed to selected sires representing both EPD high bell curve and low bell curve Red Angus sires. The goal of the project is to isolate the genetic differences of the bulls and demonstrate EPDs through evaluating two sets of calves from birth through harvest (25 head per sire group). The tracking of these progeny will be a platform for integrated EPD education and exploration throughout the upcoming Junior Red Angus activities and events.